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LTN to SOF Wizz Economy

With a new passport in hand and an itching to explore somewhere new, I booked a trip to a destination that is somewhat cursed for me, Sofia. With trips to the Bulgarian capital booked, and unfortunately cancelled, on three previous occasions, I was hoping for a more successful attempt this time round. Arriving at Luton just after 0530, I had made it further than previous trips and just had to navigate my way through the airport at rush hour.

Exploring the East Coast Mainline – Hitchin to Hatfield

After some fun exploring around Newcastle and the North East, the ninth part of Exploring the East Coast Mainline saw me returning to more local stations, with me aiming to tick off the six from Hitchin to Hatfield. Vaguely familiar from my days of passing through on fast trains to and from London, all six stations on this bit of the East Coast Mainline are in Hertfordshire.

5 More Places

Its been a while since I’ve done a ‘5 Places’ post, but a cancelled trip and a gap in my posting schedule means I’m sharing more of my bucket list with 5 more places I want to visit. This list isn’t geographically specific like previous lists so the five places listed below range from the UK to the middle of the Pacific Ocean.