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KGX-RET Hull Trains – 1st Class

With the aim of ending up in Derby by the evening, my choices for episode 3 of ‘Exploring the East Coast’ were to head south and eventually get an EMR service from St. Pancras to the Midlands or head north and make my way back down to Derby from Yorkshire. In a way I chose both, as to head north to Retford and Doncaster, I first headed south to London to catch the second Hull Trains service of the day out of the capital.

Exploring the East Coast – Grantham & Newark

Following my exploration of Peterborough and a handful of stations towards London in my first ‘Exploring the East Coast’ adventure, my original plan had been to visit the remaining 18 between Hitchin and King’s Cross over the course of a few days before beginning to go north from Peterborough. However, as with all plans, this one went awry and my end destination for day two of ‘Exploring the East Coast’ changed, resulting in me heading for Grantham and Newark as opposed to the stations between Hitchin and Hatfield.

5 Places to Visit – Middle East

It’s been a while since I did a 5 places to visit post (previous ones are in the 'Bucket List' category), however a gap in my schedule has meant reviving them to cover places that I haven’t already listed. Having covered Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Oceania, for this post we head back towards home from the other side of the world and find ourselves in the Middle East.