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PBO – EDB LNER – 1st Class

My Monday morning started earlier than planned as my excitement building caused me to wake up six hours before our train and the not so pleasant hour of half four. Ahead of us lay a week on the rails as we explore some of Scotland up and along the stunning West Highland line. But first, the longest single train journey I had ever made, just short of four hours onboard one of LNER’s Azumas.


Leipzig is the largest city in the German state of Saxony, and the second-largest city (after East Berlin) in the area that was, until 1990, East Germany. The city is a key economic centre in Germany, a role it has held since at least the period of the Holy Roman Empire, and as such has plenty of culture and history.

5 Places to Visit – UK

I think its safe to say that 2020 has not been the year for travel, and although I was lucky and got a couple of trips in before lockdown, I have definitely been suffering from wanderlust during the summer. With travel opportunities hopefully starting to open up again in the near future, I’ve decided to do a series of blogs covering places on my bucket list. This one has five places within the UK, and next week one will follow with five places in Europe.