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Last of the Happy Trains – Class 365 Networker Express

Affectionately known as ‘Happy Trains’ due to the positioning of their light clusters, the Class 365 Networker Express have been a mainstay of the longer-distance former Network SouthEast (NSE) routes for the past 25 years, operating services from King’s Cross to Cambridge, King’s Lynn and Peterborough. With forty-one units initially built, their use has been ramped down and now just two services are required to operate the daily service diagrammed to the Happy Trains.


Bristol is a wonderful and historic city that I’ve been fortunate enough to visit a few times over the years. My most recent trip was back in September 2019 when I spent a couple of days visiting friends and taking the opportunity to explore the city and surrounding area. This post is going to explore a few free things to do in Bristol and the surrounding area, as well as a couple of things that aren’t.

Behind the Scenes – What Causes Railway Delays

So, as you may be able to tell, I’m struggling for content given the ongoing pandemic restrictions, so this week I’m going for something completely different. As you may know, I work in the railway industry and this post is going to explain in a bit more detail what causes various delays and causes railways to go wrong. Network Rail has a great website with a series of ‘delays explained’ pages, so for more detail, head over to those and check them out.