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IWD 2021 – 5 Historic First’s

The International Women’s Day (IWD) organisation describes as “Celebrating women's achievements and increasing visibility, while calling out inequality, is key.” Given the fact that this year IWD falls on a Monday and the day I publish my blog posts, I’ve decided to do a post on five women that, through their firsts, changed the face of travel and transport for the better. Covering both the railways and aviation, these five women were true pioneers, and whilst you may have heard of some, a couple are lesser known but deserve to have their achievements shared.

My Railway Bucket List

Inspired by a combination of Calm sleep stories and a similar post by Charlotte (@girlsonrails98) on twitter, I’ve decided to do a post covering my bucket list of railway journeys, ranging from West Country sleepers to one of the most remote railways in the world. I’ve divided these up into four sections covering Great Britain, Europe, the USA and the Rest of the World but they are definitely not definitive lists, as I’m sure there are some amazing journeys I’ve missed.

PBO – KGX LNER – Standard (Lockdown LNER)

As some of my readers will know I am a key worker and so, despite various tiers and lockdowns, I am continuing to commute from Peterborough to London to do my bit to keep the capital moving despite Coronavirus. These commutes a few days a week have been a way for me to get a small ‘fix’ of train travel, and I thought I’d write this post to give you an idea of what travelling on trains during lockdown is like. I’m not going to use my normal rating scale for this journey, given the unique circumstances.