Emirates Air Line London

Deep in the London Docklands and down the road from the O2 Arena are the only two locations worldwide where you can fly with Emirates for £3.50. Unfortunately, this doesn’t get you a flight on their signature A380s or even their B777s, however it does get you a one-way ‘flight’ on the Emirates branded cable car officially known as the Emirates Air Line and unofficially known as London’s dangleway!

MAN – LDS TransPennine Express – 1st Class

On the final Saturday in January, I decided to have an impromptu ‘railday’ and so headed to Pennines to explore the region with a South Pennines Day Ranger. This ranger ticket costs just £25.20 for adults or £16.65 with most railcards and allows unlimited standard class travel on most operators within a region bounded by Bradford (Interchange), Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield.

Travel Tips

I’ve recently had a few conversations with friends who enjoy travelling and realised that there are various travel tips and tricks I am aware that others aren’t. A couple of people have encouraged me to do a blog of these various tips and so below are five of my favourite tips and tricks that I have discovered whilst travelling.

Northern Class 331s

2019 is a momentous year in the history of UK rolling stock. In May the last High Speed Trains (HSTs) departed Paddington to be replaced, along with their East Coast counterparts, with Hitachi Class 800/801/802s. LNER have started to introduce the class 800s on their services with the 1st August marking the first time it’s named train, ‘The Flying Scotsman’ was operated by an ‘Azuma’. Elsewhere, Trans Pennine Express are awaiting the introduction of three new types of train, whilst Northern are starting to replace and retire the train that can be described as the ‘Marmite’ of the railways.

Rating my Journeys

Now this blog has been up and running for a few months, and I’ve reviewed a few trips, both on trains and in the air, I’ve decided to change how I score the various journeys I go on. Hopefully the new ratings system I’ve decided on will better look at all the relevant criteria and better place trips on the league tables that will soon go live on the website. I should also be able to use this scoring system on all journeys whether they be by train or plane, in standard class, first, economy or business.