MUC to PRG Lufthansa Cityline Economy

Having arrived in Munich from Heathrow, I was able to make my way through the European border reasonably quickly and was soon back in departures ready for my flight to Prague. Last time I connected flight in Germany I had to head back through security before catching my second flight but this time I didn’t which seemed odd, but it might be that this was a Schengen flight and essentially classed as Domestic.

NCL-KGX Lumo – Standard

Until recently there was only one operator that connected Edinburgh and Newcastle with London Kings Cross and that was LNER. Of course, from Edinburgh you could also catch Avanti West Coast or the Caledonian Sleeper to London Euston, whilst from Newcastle you could, at a push, travel to Sunderland and catch Grand Central. If these weren’t an attractive option, you could fly from both Edinburgh or Newcastle to a ‘London’ airport, however most of these would leave you in Luton or Gatwick.