Welcome to Flights and Times. I’ll be blogging all of my transport adventures on here as I slowly but surely make my way around Europe, and eventually the world! I love travelling by both planes and trains, so you’ll see a mixture of posts coming to this blog. As well as this, I’ll be writing about various UK and Europe destinations as I explore them, giving you a taste of both what the journey and the destination will be like, should you choose to go on your own adventure.

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I’m Aidan, a late-20s Transport Industry worker living near Peterborough, UK. I have liked planes for as long as I can remember, thanks to my Dad. I studied Air Transport Management at University and have spent time working in the Aviation industry, both in chartered Aviation, Freight and Travel Agency. After University, I was offered a graduate scheme with a Rail company and decided it would be good to try my hand elsewhere in the industry. I have since developed a passion for trains as well as planes and spend time whenever I can exploring the UK’s railway network. I appreciate being able to explore without having to drive myself and I feel that better use of public transport, especially the rail network, will hopefully encourage the powers that be to start opening up more lines, allowing people to get to an ever increasing number of places by rail.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my adventures and it will inspire you to have your own adventures, whether close to home or abroad.

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