KRK to LTN Wizz Economy

Airline:  Wizz Air

Flight #: W6 5003

Route:    KRK-LTN

Class:    Economy

Seat:     1F

Date:     Sunday 13th March 2022

Having spent 36 hours or so exploring the wonderful city of Krakow (read about that here), it was time to head to the station to begin my journey home. As with my flight out to Krakow (read about that here), my flight home was with Wizz Air, but first I had to catch the half hourly service between Krakow Glówny station and Krakow Airport.

The partial view of the apron from Krakow’s viewing terrace

It took me a little longer than planned to get to the Airport with long queues to get tickets and a slight delay to the train, however I still arrived at the airport with plenty of time before my flight. With the Covid checks still in place for entering the UK, Wizz Air had implemented a policy of having to check in at the airport and, with the desks not opening until two hours before the flight, I headed up to the airports viewing terrace to see what it had to offer.

Unfortunately, with its location at one end of the terminal and the layout of the rest of the building, the viewing terrace had a limited view of the stands and apron, however it did provide a quieter area to wait than the check-in area. Shortly before the two hour mark the check-in desks opened and so I joined to queue to have my details checked and get a boarding pass.

Boarding took a while

With boarding pass in hand, I headed through security (actually the least painful part of the process on this occasion) and into the busy departure lounge. Flying to the UK means using the non-Schengen gates and heading through passport control, leading to a separate departure lounge that was even more crowded with the various flights departing around the same time.

The best word to sum up my experience at Krakow airport was ‘waiting’. After the departure of the previous UK flight (about 40 minutes before us), our flight was announced as boarding, we all queued up and nothing then happened for 15 minutes. Whilst this is a common tactic of low-cost airlines, there is usually at least some activity. When boarding did begin, there was even more waiting at the bottom of the stairs as the bus hadn’t arrived and more waiting on the bus as a ground vehicle had blocked the turning area onto our stand.

One of the many illuminated cities we passed

All in all, it had taken about half an hour from when boarding ‘began’ to actually being able to board the plane, which whilst not a serious issue, isn’t a great way of managing customer experience. I did feel sorry for those who had paid extra for Wizz’s priority boarding as in this instance it allowed for priority boarding onto the bus, resulting in being some of the last on the aircraft.

My seat for the flight home was 1F on the right-hand side of the aircraft and when boarding was complete, I was pleased to find I had a row to myself. With the extra leg room that the bulk-head rows also provide, I had an oddly large area of the aircraft to myself to spread out and enjoy the flight.

Row 1 onboard Wizz aircraft

Taking off from the easterly runway 07, we had an immediate left turn to begin our journey west. Heading along one of Poland’s main airways, we passed the illuminated cities of Katowice and Wroclaw, both of which are on my ‘to visit’ list in the future. It wasn’t long before the trolley service began and I decided to get a snack, having not had anything since my large lunch in Krakow.

Oddly, despite me using my Monzo bank card on the flight out, the crew on this flight told me they didn’t accept Monzo because the cards don’t work on their machines. With my coffee, croissant and pot of pasta costing 43 zloty, I thankfully had just enough change left to cover this, but I did find it frustrating, especially given the rather blunt manner in which the flight attendant told me. Looking online, it seems this is a hangover from when Monzo cards were pre-paid and as such was incorrect information.

My onboard snack, paid for in cash

Our decent into Luton started as we crossed the Dutch coast with a right turn over the North Sea to take us over the English coast just north of Felixstowe. The approach to Luton’s westerly runway took us to the north of Cambridge before we turned to head south, avoiding the airspace of Stansted airport. A final right turn around the town of Baldock brought us onto the final approach over Stevenage and into Luton.

All in all, whilst this flight with Wizz was comfortable and on time, the overall customer experience certainly detracted from this. I generally quite like Wizz, and certainly prefer them over Ryanair, however the combined experience of the boarding delays and the rather blunt attitude of the flight attendant onboard did result in me arriving at Luton with a slightly dulled view of Wizz Air.

Lounge              0*

Seat/Facilities     3*

Food               3*

Service             2*

Punctuality         5*

Overall Rating      13/25 (read about my rating system here!)

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