LTN to KRK Wizz Economy

Airline:  Wizz Air

Flight #: W6 5002

Route:    LTN-KRK

Class:    Economy

Seat:     18F

Date:     Saturday 12th March 2022

With six and a half months left on my passport, I had decided that there was just enough time to maximise its use and take another trip before that pesky, post-Brexit, six-month expiry rule kicked in. Therefore, with a cheap hostel booked and some equally cheap flights, I was up and heading to Luton at 0400 ready for my flight to Krakow with Wizz.

This part of Luton airport was a sea of White and Purple

Whilst I’ve flown with Wizz before (to Ljubljana and back in 2018), this is the first time I’ve reviewed them for Flights and Times and also the first time I’ve flown with them since that trip four years ago, and so I was excited to get onboard and see what, if anything, had changed. My return flights had cost me about £40 which for flights of a couple of hours across Europe certainly seemed reasonable.

With the FCDO guidance for Poland still advising of the requirement for a negative Covid test in addition to any vaccinations, I was outside the pop-up testing centre at Luton for when it opened and less than five minutes later was tested and waiting in Starbucks for my results to be sent through. Forty minutes and a slowly drunk Mocha later, I had my negative test result and was heading through security to departures.

As with most LCCs, boarding Wizz flights is via stairs

Since I was last at Luton development of the terminal area has continued with the previously blocked central space now filled with seating and a couple of the previous resident shops and restaurants now closed for redevelopment. With over an hour before boarding started, I decided to head upstairs to the Aspire Lounge which I could enter via LoungeKey and spend the time before my flight relaxing there. Whilst I quite like Luton as an airport, the departure lounge can be extremely crowded and so if you can get access to the lounge, I’d certainly recommend it as a quieter option.

Having had my fill of coffee and buffet breakfast, and recharging my phone ahead of a long day of exploring, it was time to head to the gate with a bit of a walk out to pier that’s home to gates 30-43. As with all low cost carriers (LCCs), Wizz has standard and priority boarding and so the gate was split into to queues. Whilst I had spent a bit extra to reserve a specific seat, I hadn’t paid for priority boarding and was quite glad as seemingly half the aircraft had paid for the privilege, removing most of the benefit.

I was seating in row 18, an exit row

As with pretty much all (notable exceptions apply) short-haul aircraft operated by European airlines, Wizz’s A320s are laid out in a 3-3 configuration with the LCC offering only Economy on its flights. Having opted for 18F, an exit row seat on the right-hand side, I was about half-way down the aircraft which took a while to get back to.

Taking off to the west, we immediately took a left hand turn that eventually led to us heading north-east over Hatfield. Our flight then took us out over the North Sea before we turned to head slight south-east, with out path taking us over The Hague, Munster and just north of Leipzig.

The view of the Essex coastline as we headed out to the North Sea

Having eaten in the lounge, I decided not to purchase anything from the trolley, known as the ‘Wizz Café’, however I did take a look at the menu and saw there was the usual mix of drinks and snacks. There are also some reasonable offers such as a coffee and a croissant for €5.50 or two beers and a snack for €10 which, from experience are similarly priced to other airlines.

Given the small amount of interaction I had with the crew, I was impressed with how welcoming they were and their general positive attitude given the nature of flying in the post-Covid world. A flight can be made or ruined by dealing with the crew and this was an excellent flight in all aspects.

Krakow is a hub for Wizz Air, with multiple aircraft parked up

After flying for about 90 minutes, we cross the German-Polish border north of the small village of Jędrzychowice. Turning to head south-east, we passed south of the cities of Wroclaw and Katowice, before making a tight left turn to start our approach into Krakow. Landing on Krakow’s easterly runway 11, we were soon taxiing onto the civil apron (Krakow is also a Polish Air Force base) and were parking up next to a Buzz Boeing 737-800.

All in all my flight from Luton to Krakow with Wizz Air was better than you’d expect for £20. Generally I’d rank Wizz above Ryanair for comfort and overall experience and as an AvGeek I tend to prefer the Airbus’ flown by Wizz as well. Combine this with Luton being a slightly nicer experience than Stansted and I’ll certainly look at flying with Wizz more frequently on my explorations.

Lounge              0*

Seat/Facilities     3*

Food               2*

Service             3*

Punctuality         5*

Overall Rating      16/25 (read about my rating system here!)

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