The Journey Begins

So, here we are. Where is here exactly? Well I’m not entirely sure just yet. 

Let’s start with the easy bit. I’m Aidan and at the moment I’m 26. Since I was a kid I have been fascinated by aviation and was lucky enough to complete a degree in Air Transport Management before getting a ‘proper job’ on the railways. 

Since my first flight when I was 11 I have loved to travel, however I believe its not all about the destination. The journey you take to get there is just as interesting and exciting! Whether it be by train, plane or bus, the journey to a place can provide inspiration, allow relaxation and provoke imagination. Journeys allow people to complete business, explore new places and can reunite families. Each day more than 100,000 people depart Heathrow airport, alone. Just imagine all the reasons they are travelling and all the places they are going!

My initial idea for this blog is to review the various flights I travel on in my adventures around Europe, and (eventually) the world. However, I’m also likely to include reports on the places I visit, reports on any rail journeys I make and potentially, for the fellow Avgeeks out there, reviews of plane spotting locations.

To keep the blog active between trips I may try to re-write posts from my previous blog (here if you’re interested!) and also write less detailed reviews from previous trips if I can remember them. Essentially there’s likely to be five different types of post, these being:

– Flight Reports
– Train Reports
– Destination Reviews
– Avgeek Spotting Spot Reviews
– Previous Adventures

All in all I’m quite excited to share my experiences so please subscribe and you’ll get to see how this little idea develops.

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