Prague – Spotting on the Visitor’s Terrace

Having thoroughly enjoyed my time in Prague (read about that here), along with Budapest and Bratislava, it was time for my trip to come to an end and so I headed back to the airport to start the journey home. With some time to spare before check-in opened I decided to make use of Prague airport’s visitor’s terrace and see what it had to offer.

The visitor’s terrace is right next to some of the aircraft stands

The visitor terrace can be found beyond the far end of the check-in area in Terminal 2, next to the airport’s business centre and an area that had been turned into a Covid testing clinic. Entry to the terrace is completely free and there aren’t any barriers/gates, meaning you can take your luggage with you if required (as I did).

The terrace itself is a small area on the roof of the terminal with no facilities of its own, although obviously there are a full range or facilities within the terminal. Unfortunately there is also no cover and so, with the weather not being ideal for spotting, I was fully wrapped up with the waterproof cover on my bag! In terms of photography, the terrace does have good views of part of the ramp along with a taxiway, however the glass screens aren’t particularly clean with the rain adding an additional challenge.

LOT’s SP-LSC was the highlight of my visit

As with most European capital, Prague’s Václav Havel Airport has a good mix of airlines serving it include a wide range of European carriers along with a selection of more ‘exotic’ carriers. In total the airport is served by 53 passenger and 3 cargo airlines, with a mix of seasonal and year-round flights to three continents (Asia, Europe and North America).

As I entered the terrace I was immediately greeted with the sight of aircraft belonging to two of Prague’s based airlines, Smartwings and Eurowings. These airlines, along with Czech Airlines and Ryanair, operate the bulk of services from the Prague, with over 80 destinations being served between the four airlines.

Emirates’ B777 was another highlight

Another airline with a surprisingly large operation at Prague is LOT Polish Airlines. Whilst most foreign flag carriers tend to only operate flights on one or two routes to Prague, LOT utilises Prague as a mini base, operating long-haul flights to holiday destinations from the Czech capital, including to Malé, Punta Cana and Zanzibar, along with frequent flights on the more usual route to Warsaw. It was due to these long-haul holiday flights that I was able to see what became the highlight of my visit to the terrace, one of LOT’s Boeing 787 Dreamliners, SP-LSC, which is painted in a commemorative Polish independence livery.

Aside from. the four based airlines and LOT, other European carriers make up the bulk of Prague’s flights, with Air Baltic, Air France, Austrian, KLM, Lufthansa, Swiss and Ukrainian International Airlines all having aircraft arrive or depart during my visit to the airport’s terrace. However, its not just European airlines that serve Prague, as proven by the arrival of an Emirates Boeing 777 from Dubai. Dubai is the airport’s fifth busiest route with almost half a million passengers travelling on the route in 2019!

A Swiss Airbus A220

If your visit to Prague is during the busy summer months, and you time your visit to the airport well, you could see an excellent variety of airlines given that long-haul carriers such as Delta Airlines, El Al and Korean Air also serve Prague at times throughout the year. Given entry to the visitor’s terrace is free and there’s no barriers to entry, I’d certainly recommend paying a quick visit on your way through the airport, just to see what you can see!

Viewing location                       3*

Charge (free)                          5*

Facilities                             0*

Variety of Traffic                      3*

PRG (Visitor Terrace) Overall Score     3*

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