MUC to PRG Lufthansa Cityline Economy

Airline:  Lufthansa Cityline

Flight #: LH1692

Route:    MUC-PRG

Class:    Economy

Seat:     28F

Date:     Tuesday 4th January 2022

Having arrived in Munich from Heathrow (read about that here), I was able to make my way through the European border reasonably quickly and was soon back in departures ready for my flight to Prague. Last time I connected flight in Germany I had to head back through security before catching my second flight but this time I didn’t which seemed odd, but it might be that this was a Schengen flight and essentially classed as Domestic.

A CRJ-900 similar to the one that operated my flight

With my flight being operated by Lufthansa Cityline, one of Lufthansa’s subsidiaries that operates regional flights on its behalf, it was scheduled to depart from one of the smaller stands located at the south end of Terminal 2. These stands are served by gates G81-84, which are a bit of a walk from where you enter the departure lounge. I’d also recommend waiting in the main lounge until your flight is boarding if its from one of these gates as the miniature lounge on the ground floor can get quite crowded, as its also the waiting area for the inter-terminal airside bus.

I was slightly concerned about boarding as since arriving in Munich the weather had been pretty awful, and the gates actually served a few stands with our aircraft parked on the furthest. Thankfully there was a short let up in the rain that coincided with boarding, and we were able to board without getting too damp, although the wind did prevent me from getting any photos of our aircraft.

Leaving a rather dreary Munich behind

Our ride for the short hop to Prague was D-ACNV, a 10-year-old Bombardier CRJ-900, initially delivered to Eurowings in 2011 before being re-registered with Lufthansa Cityline during the Lufthansa group’s restructuring in 2017. Designed to compete with the Embraer 175, the CRJ-900s can carry between 76 and 90 passengers, with Lufthansa Cityline’s examples having 79 seats in a two-class configuration. Given the entire fuselage (including underfloor) has a height of just 1.89m, the vast majority of passengers have to duck when boarding until reaching their seats, giving a feeling of a rather cramped cabin.

Initially I was seated in a window seat mid cabin, next to a family of four including a baby and if I’m completely honest I think both I and they were rather the other weren’t there. Thankfully, once boarding had finished, one of the flight attendants came up and offered me one of the free rows of seats towards the rear of the aircraft and so I headed back to give us a bit more space for the flight.

Light was faded as we approached Prague

Our taxi to Munich’s runway 26R didn’t take long and we were soon airborne and on our way to the capital of Czechia. Shortly after take off we turned right to head north-east and follow a route that had us crossing the border near the Czech town of Klatovy. The only service on this short flight was the free bottles of water (no chocolates this time), and there was no time to offer anything else for purchase as we were at our cruising altitude of 24,000ft for just five minutes.

Whilst our flight was scheduled to take 55 minutes, we were actually in the air for much less, having taken off at 1604 and landing at 1637 just 33 minutes later. Taxiing in we were followed by an Air France A320 that landed behind us and we were soon parked on a remote stand awaiting a bus to take us across to the terminal. With no border control to navigate it didn’t matter too much that we followed another bus load through the terminal and with no-one checking my passenger locator form I was soon grabbing my bag and heading to the bus stop to head to the city.

Even the Business class seats on the CRJ-900 have limited leg room

All in all my experience with Lufthansa Cityline was fine for such a short flight, but I wouldn’t want to fly on a CRJ-900 on some of the longer routes they cover to Dublin or Cluj-Napoca as I think it would feel overly cramped after a while. However Munich is a nice easy airport to transfer at and I would certainly look at using Lufthansa via there again dependent on the final destination.

Lounge              0*

Seat/Facilities     3*

Food               0*

Service             5*

Punctuality         5*

Overall Rating      13/25 (read about my rating system here!)

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