Glasgow, Scotland’s second city, but the country’s most populous, is located on the banks of the River Clyde and, in rail terms at least, is the Gateway to the Highlands. With us passing through the city to get to and from our Highland Adventure, we decided we needed to spend some more time in the city and so, split between the start and end of the holiday, we did just that.

Choose Corrour!

Corrour, Britain’s highest and most remote railway station, more than 1300ft above sea level and 20 miles from the nearest public road. We were inspired to visit here after watching ‘All the Stations’ in 2017 and their more recent returns to Corrour. Within a couple of hours of stepping off the train, we were in love with the place and beyond glad we came.

A Day in Dover

Dover is one of the UK’s major ports, providing a vital connection across the narrow Straits of Dover to France & continental Europe. The town has been an important town since at least Roman times when it became a fortified port and has served as a key point in the defence of the nation during multiple conflicts from the Napoleonic Wars to World War 2.