National Railway Museum

Back in August we decided to take a trip to York to celebrate my birthday and agreed we’d spend some time looking around the city itself before heading to the National Railway Museum (NRM) for the afternoon. This post is going to look at the NRM itself, however you'll soon be able to read about York itself on Beth’s blog and my review of our journey to York here. The review of our eventful journey home will be coming soon on the blog!

Meandering around Madrid…part 2

After brilliant but long day on my first full day in Madrid, I woke slightly later than planned on my second and so moved fairly quickly to ensure I could fit as many adventures as possible into the day. My first stop was the Neptune Fountain that the walking tour had finished near which is also the starting point for the City Tour Madrid sightseeing buses. I had been in two minds as to whether to bother with the bus tours, however after all the walking the previous day I decided to see the city from a seated position!

5 Things to do in Barcelona

A couple of years ago, we went on a winter break to Barcelona and fell in love with the beautiful Spanish city. We were there for 5 days and managed to cram in SO much, there is truly a wealth of things to do for all different tastes but these were the 5 things I most enjoyed, although it has been really hard to choose and I will list some of the other places we visited at the end of the post.